Surrounded by Girls

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Future president?

No, not one of the girls. Though if they apply themselves, study hard, and dream big...

This, from Cousin Jennifer's blog Now That You Mention It.., was too funny not to pass along. And seemingly and more direct route to high office than the above qualities.

Here's my favorite cheater moment from this quarter. I brought the offending student into my office to "talk about his sources." He sat across from me, looking slightly concerned that my normal "nice professor" face had changed into the face I put on when I yell at my kids. As I showed him what happened when I plugged his sentences into Google, he looked shocked. Then he said, "I had no idea that this paper came from the internet. I had my dad write it for me!"

An effortlessly sophisticated look

...of cool glamour and relaxed chic.

Every Granny Franny cut and colour is a living and growing embodiment of the Granny Franny philosophy: to work with hair in its natural state, to treat hair as organic material, to shape and balance hair to reflect the individual and reveal their beauty.

To realise this philosophy, Granny Franny believes that true technical craft is required to deliver hair that has structure and movement, in forms that appear effortless but are intently considered.


At the core of precision technique is geometry, which, with a series of modernist principles applied to hair, creates cuts and colours of sheer simplicity. These geometric principles define what has become Granny Franny's 'proprietary method', where cut and colour integrate seamlessly in a harmony of shape and balance.

Mastering precision technique forms the foundation of a stylist's craft, confidence and creativity, it is about the rules of freedom – knowing the rules and then how to break them.

Granny Franny created the idea of sensuous suitability determining for each client how their bone structure, face shape, complexion and individual style interplay, a flawless fusion of client and cut.


Granny Franny cut and colour is modern and low-maintenance, progressing from day to night with ease, functional yet fresh, moving freely but staying in shape.

It is this skillful fusion of precision technique with individuality – bone structure, face shape and complexion - this sensuous precision, which defines the essence of Granny Franny.

This effortlessly sophisticated look gives Granny Franny clients a feeling of self-assured freedom – an innate confidence and liberation born of a perfectly suited and inspired haircut and colour.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Old Town San Diego

A quick slideshow (3 pictures) of our visit to Old Town San Diego with Amy and TracyMarc on New Year's Eve Day (12/31/2008).

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hanukah, oh Hanukah

Video highlights from the girls' pre-school Hanukah performance back on December 19.