Surrounded by Girls

Thursday, June 28, 2007

How I spent my summer vacation

Check out the beta site --

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

To me.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Active's relaunch is coming soon and I've been putting in 14-hour days and working on the weekends (I'm posting this from my desk). A HUGE thank you to Laura who has borne the brunt of this and has been so great with the girls and with me. So happy Father's day to her too. ;-)

But don't worry. We have a lot of photos in the queue, and we'll get them up as soon as we can.

UPDATE: Here are some photos from the brunch/picnic that we had with everyone from my Sunday soccer game.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Sure, it's the obvious title, but sometimes that's all that's required.

This is Melanie at 5pm today after not taking her usual ~2pm nap.

Granny Franny, you scared?

This is Melanie's vacuum (thanks, Jon). Last night, with Grandpa Bob and Granny Franny baby-sitting, Melanie decided that she needed to clean the carpet. With Granny Franny's help, we first picked up all our toys. Then we vacuumed, but only after making sure, "Granny Franny, you scared of the vacuum?" When assured that she wasn't, Melanie began.

Then with the main room done, she took to the carpet in our bedroom. Again, safety first. "Daddy, you need to move. Go to the other room. I don't want to hit you."

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Put me on a trading card

I'll even match the gum.

And speaking of matching, see how the dress matches her sun hat:

Jenna has really blue eyes, but still has spots of brown - in the bottom of her right eye, and on the top of her left.

You missed a spot

Jenna joins us for dinner these days. She has usually just eaten - chicken and rice, squash, applesauce, or some such foods - but she's happy to have a Biter and get it all over the place. She's actually learning how to eat them, but most of it still ends up on, rather than in, her.