Updates from Israel

I'll try to keep up with the updates we're getting from Melanie's trip to Israel. All of her photos will be collected in this photo album.

June 20, 2022

Hello parents! Weโ€™ve gotten settled in at kibbutz alumim for the night - wifi is spotty but hopefully this message gets through!

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Off to Israel

Melanie at El Al stand

Platt Youth to Israel

Just days after graduating, Melanie is off to Israel on Congregation Beth Israel's Platt Youth to Israel Trip.

Beth Israelโ€™s religious school and high school programming includes courses and presentations on the history and culture of Israel. But those who have not been to Israel often cannot fully understand the importance of Israel to American Jews and Judaism.

We want our students to breathe Israel, taste Israel, feel Israel, connect to Israel and learn to love Israel by experiencing it upfront and personal.

To this end, our Linda and Shearn Platt Youth to Israel program provides a ten-day travel experience for Beth Israel high school juniors who have demonstrated significant involvement in the congregation and a desire to give back.
Congregation Beth Israel

Update (3pm):
The flight has been delayed by mechanical issues, and because they won't land until after Shabbat (with flight time and time zones) they can't fly at all. Stay tuned.

Update II (7pm):
The flight has been cancelled and other accomodations are being made. They may not be able to leave until Saturday night. Stay tuned.

Update III (9pm):
Two nights in LA confirmed. Flight booked for Saturday. Stay tuned for local plans. I imagine they're desperately trying to schedule a trip to the Holocaust Museum LA.

Update IV (10:30pm):
They're going to Universal Studios tomorrow! Melanie - after this news and a hotel hamburger - is very happy.

Update V (Sunday 12pm):
They've landed in Tel Aviv. Let the fun begin!

arrival in Tel Aviv

Update VI (6/22/2022 11:30am):
Updates from the trip itself are being collected - and decorated - at the aptly (and unoriginally) named "Updates from Israel" post.
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confirmation class

Confirmation marks a young adultโ€™s affirmation of his or her Jewish identity. Confirmation takes place at the end of 10th grade, after students spend a year of intensive classroom study with our clergy striving to define their personal Jewish philosophy and theology. Students in the confirmation class discuss and debate Jewish social ethics and values and consider how these apply to contemporary issues. They also look at issues of identity, sexual values, antisemitism, and mixed marriage, and read sections of Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Ruth, and Esther.Congregation Beth Israel
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