Surrounded by Girls

Sunday, August 26, 2007

How we spent our summer vacation

With Evan Newlander at Scripps Aquarium

Hanging out in the kiddie pool in the back yard

Going to the concerts at Bird Park

At the Quail Botanical Gardens with Preston...

...and Jonas

Riding the train at UTC Mall with Lucas

And so much more.


Lunch at the Zoo with Daddy

Grandpa Bob

The World's Worst Shriners


Sorry that there hasn't been much activity on the blog recently. The English Premier League kicked off their season and I've been busy, not just at, but at my second gig, as Yahoo!'s official blogger for their fantasy game. Slow start to the season, but thankfully it's a long haul. But I did want to wish a few belated mazel tov's and thank you's.

Belated mazel tov to cousin Marcee Harris and Jon Schwartz on their nuptials. Laura and I had a blast in Minneapolis -- taking the pre-wedding kickball match too seriously (and my hurting my knee in the process), luxuriating in our 'rock star' suite at the Chambers Hotel (three flat screen tv's without Dora and great bath and showers without little people trying to get in and bother you).

And a BIG belated thank you to Dad and Susan who flew out to San Diego for baby sitting duty. It was they who allowed us to get to the wedding and have a few days sans babies. Laura and I spent the early part of our trip worried about leaving, and the latter half worried about coming home! Would they still like us? Would they still want to see us? And though they miss Grandpa Larry and Susan (none more than Emma) I think they're happy to have us to kick around again.

A belated mazel tov to my sister Tracy on her engagement to Marc Shedroff. Marc, welcome to the family. You two seem so happy and we're all very excited.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Unoriginal, but still very smart