Almost, Maine

Jenna was an understudy - a "swing", as they say - in the Scripps Ranch High School Falcon Playhouse (virtual) production of Almost, Maine.

Sandrine in Act One, Scene Two: "Sad and Glad".

“Sad and Glad,” follows Jimmy and Sandrine, who had split up a while ago, running into each other at a local hangout. Over the course of their conversation, Jimmy tries to see if Sandrine will come over because he misses her, but Sandrine tells him she’s getting married the next day. The conversation grows even more awkward as Jimmy tries to get the waitress’s attention to order celebratory drinks, and Sandrine sees he’s gotten a tattoo—Villian, a misspelling of villain—after they broke up. Sandrine leaves and the scene ends with Jimmy’s realization that the waitress’s name is Villian, which gives him something to hope for.

She also played Shelly in Act Two, Scene One: "They Fell"

As they talk about how awful their recent heterosexual dating experiences have been, one of the friends, Chad/Shelly, reveals that the other, Randy/Deena, is the only good thing in his/her life, which freaks the other friend out. Eventually, upon eye contact, Chad/Shelly literally falls (collapses) in love with Randy/Deena, and, after first being upset by this, Randy/Deena also falls (collapses) in love, and the scene ends with them trying to get to one another but collapsing each time their eyes meet.

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"Almost, Maine" was posted Thursday, November 19, 2020