Mario goes to the vet

This blog started out chronicling someone's time in the hospital, so it seems appropriate to share our most recent visit:

March 9
I hate it when the kids are in the hospital. Teeth and tumor removed. Doing well, but spending the night recuperating. Send him some good wishes if you can.

March 10
Good morning

Discharged and heading home.

March 11
Hard part is keeping the new puppy away from him. Lousy timing on life’s part. ;)

Spoon-feeding the patient. How’s your morning going?

Update: Tumor was benign, and stitches removed. His mouth healed well and he's eating solid food again. He's old and slow, but that's where he was before surgery too, so we're very happy.
"Mario goes to the vet" was posted Monday, March 12, 2018