Wonderspaces San Diego

Granny Franny took the girls to Wonderspaces San Diego.


Artists and designers regularly create extraordinary experiences that become the highlights of special events like Burning Man, SXSW, Coachella, and the Sundance Film Festival. Sometimes these works alight on the world's cultural capitals, through a pop-up in New York City or the Venice Biennale. But most of these works will never be enjoyed by the mainstream population that doesn't live in those cities and doesn't spend the thousands of dollars required to attend those events.

Starting this Summer in San Diego, Wonderspaces is taking experiential art on the road to new audiences. In partnership with artists from around the world, we are proud to exhibit over a dozen works for a limited run in each city.
Melanie and Jenna took photos, which I've taken from her Instagram account and posted here.

"Wonderspaces San Diego" was posted Thursday, August 24, 2017