Melanie is the "superstar" at kindergarten this week. That means they display her cut-out on the wall, along with sheets detailing her favorite food (vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream); what she wants to be when she grows up (a dolphin trainer); etc. She also gets to sit in a special chair and lead the line out to recess.

Laura worked SO HARD on the cut-out and did an amazing job! She and Melanie and Jenna went to the fabric store and Melanie picked out her outfit - the turquoise shirt and denim capri pants you see above.ย  The hair was a challenge, but Laura went above and beyond, getting brown, curly doll hair to use.ย  Evidently that was a big hit as everyone was pulling on the hair and stretching it out today in class.
"Superstar" was posted Tuesday, May 04, 2010