Houston: Day Three

Melanie headed back to camp today. We'll have to report in on that later. But Jenna went with us to get our eyes checked. Earlier in the morning she was 'checking' my glasses and asked her if she was a doctor like her grandpa. "No, he's an eye doctor. I'm a glasses doctor."

And here he is, checking the eyes... of Jenna's pony.


And here's Jenna in 'glasses doctor' mode:

With Grandpa Larry...

and with Paula.

UPDATE - Here she is trying on frames again. This time with Sandy.

And of course, you don't go anywhere in Houston with a meal being involved. Today's lunch was at Sandy's Market, "a progressive, community-based market where people learn to love living healthily". And one with a kick-@$$ salad bar/buffet.


Tonight is dinner at Chez Miller, back on Jackwood St where it all began. Can't wait.
"Houston: Day Three" was posted Tuesday, June 23, 2009