First day of Enchanted Summer Camp

A full report to come later.


That's Sana in the photo. At camp today, Melanie
  • made butterfly wings
  • found objects hidden in a picture
  • colored a bag
  • drew and painted a rainbow
  • ate lunch, a lolipop and two snow cones!
  • made a bracelet
  • sewed a puppet
  • learned rhyming words
  • told a joke
  • and much, much more!
She did cry at the the beginning of the day, but that was when the other kids hadn't shown up yet and likely she was a bit alone and overwhelmed. She had an amazing day and isn't ready to quit. Right now she's in the other room and Susan is helping her learn to read!


Meanwhile, Jenna went to the Children's Museum of Houston (three cheers for reciprocal memberships!). She did some shopping...

... and got behind the wheel of some American muscle.

"First day of Enchanted Summer Camp" was posted Monday, June 22, 2009