Potty Humor

A one act play, presented by the Oakfort PLayers.

Melanie [getting up from the dinner table]:ย  *fart*
Laura:ย  Melanie, you need to go potty.
Melanie: No, I don't.
Laura:ย  Melanie, you need to go potty before bath so why don't you go now.
Melanie [stomping towards the bathroom and moving around the step stools for maximum "bang"]:ย  Other people don't have to go.
Laura:ย  What do you mean?
Melanie: I was talking to my friends and they don't go pee pee before bath and they don't poo poo before bath.
Laura:ย  Melanie, A) I'm not really sure that I believe that you just had that conversation today, and B)...
Melanie:ย  But my friends, they say that they don't have to go potty before bath!
Laura:ย  Melanie, I happen to know that your friends frequently pee in the bath and drink the water!
"Potty Humor" was posted Monday, May 11, 2009