Pink Tails


Melanie is convinced - by her friends at school - that these are called "pink" tails. I told her that they are called "pig" tails, but she was skeptical. Then she recounted (precounted?) a possible conversation between herself, Gabrielle and Emily at school that went something like this:
Gabrielle: Melanie, I like your pink tails.
Melanie: Thank you. They are called pig tails.
Gabrielle: No, they are pink tails. Emily, Melanie thinks they are called pig tails.
Emily: They are pink tails.
Melanie: No, they are pig tails.
Something like that. It was an amicable conversation amongst friends, and as of last night she was still calling them pink tails. As in, "Daddy, I love pink tails." Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a post about peer pressure in pre-school classroom settings but rather just a really cute photo of the girls. So let's leave it at that.
"Pink Tails" was posted Tuesday, April 07, 2009