The surfer and the Bird Rock Bandits

There is a place where the hills that slope down to the rolling Pacific are a manicured green, a place from whose estates the well-to-do can see forever, from whose celebrated schools the offspring leap to their Ivy League careers, where even nature has conspired to roll out a town-sized climate sweet spot here above the storied surf in the jewel by the sea: La Jolla, Calif.

The book of crime is thin here; bad things surely should happen in less rarified zip codes than this. And yet, of course, happen they do. And here he is: the California golden boy, bursting with his possibilities, ignorant of his imminent fate.
Thus begins "The surfer and the Bird Rock Bandits" a Dateline NBC special produced by my sister-in-law, Ann Preisman. It's a really interesting story of crime and punishment.ย  The show was the result of her over two years worth of work in putting it all together so mazel tov to her.ย  A job well done.
"The surfer and the Bird Rock Bandits" was posted Monday, May 04, 2009