Kidsville U.S.A.

It's not exactly Hitsville U.S.A., but we had a good time there yesterday regardless. And it's no more than three miles from our house. So we've got that going for us. Which is nice.



Melanie and Evan riding around and around in their "car". Evan would drive Melanie around once then drop her off at the "store". Then he would circle again and pick her up. Lather, rinse, repeat. And good training for the future.


Jenna had a great time as well and here is riding a bouncing horse in the baby toy area. Lyla Berman is in the background. We were at Kidsville for the Berman's going away party and hadn't seen them since the twin's (Lyla and her brother Jonah) first birthday party. Lyla looks so much more grown up now and with her hair she could be one of ours. But that punim and those eyes are all Berman! Good luck to then as they move back to Chicago. Stay warm, and we'll see you on Facebook.
"Kidsville U.S.A." was posted Tuesday, February 17, 2009