Update (6/9/2020): Marshall released a Promotion video on YouTube. Jenna earned a "4.0 Scholarship Award" for having straight-As throughout middle school (grades 6-8), and won a Teacher's Choice Award from her P.E. teacher, Mr. Hodapp.

Below is the message we received from Mr. Hodapp, explaining his choice.

Hi Laura and Jeremy,

It was an incredibly difficult decision to choose just one student this year, but out of my 220 PE students, I have chosen Jenna to receive my Teacher's Choice Award! I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it has been to have your daughter in class. She brings a positive energy and attitude everyday along with her beautiful smile. She is respectful, hard working and kind. What sets her apart from others is her incredible ability to care so much about others. She goes out of her way to comfort other students when needed and her communication skills are second to none. You have raised a remarkable young lady and I am going to miss her a lot! Please send my congratulations to her. I believe her name and my comments will be posted during the virtual promotion ceremony that Marshall is preparing for the near future. You may choose to share this news with her now or let it be a surprise (I would opt for the latter). ;)

All the best to you and your family.
Dave Hodapp :)

While not as pomp and circumstance-y as Melanie's, Jenna promoted out of 8th grade, and middle school, today. The girls drove by their schools today and dropped off their textbooks. Jenna was given her promotion certificate.

For the record, this is the photo that we submitted to Marshall Middle School for the upcoming promotion video/Zoom call:

Meanwhile, Melanie just got this sticker.

"Promotion" was posted Thursday, May 28, 2020