Unwelcome Visitor

Guess who we found, living in our garage?


A 4 ยฝ foot-long gopher snake!

Okay, maybe it wasn't over 4-feet. But still!

I first noticed him/her/it in the pan of our water heater yesterday. We left the garage door open hoping he/she/it would excuse itself and we didn't see it later in the day. However it was back this morning and had to be dealt with.

Now I would love to tell you that I was brave and handled the situation with manly resolve. Instead I probably made the situation worse. I was able to get the snake out of the pan, but it wedged itself behind our furnace and in the end, I had to be bailed out by our 15 year-old neighbor.


He helped me... sorry, that's not true. I helped him grab the snake and then release it over the hill behind the house.


Quite the afternoon.
"Unwelcome Visitor" was posted Saturday, June 04, 2011