Cold November Rain

... maybe somewhere, but not here. It was a lovely 80° and sunny here in San Diego.  So after Melanie rode her new scooter up and down the street for a while we all went down to La Jolla Cove to fly our Spider-man kite. Auntie Ann joined us. We even saw a bride on the path waiting to be escorted down the aisle when Melanie asked, "Why is she getting married on the sidewalk?"



Today we also had some epic games of Disney Princess®©™ Memory and I think Laura has met her match in Melanie. The girl is good!

Speaking of Disney Princess®©™, we had two of them for Halloween. Two Cinderallas who got a lot of candy, and had a blast seeing all the other people in their costumes.


We did our trick-or-treating with the Flores from next door. They generously provided the princess dresses for the girls. Isabella and Milan were from the cat family. Isabella went out in the evening as a tiger and her brother was a lion. I believe they wore the other costumes earlier in the day!

"Cold November Rain" was posted Saturday, November 01, 2008