Hamotzi Friend

New this year in Melanie's pre-school class is that each week the kids have a job. Monday is "new job day" and in the past few weeks Melanie has been Weather Bear Friend (dressing the class' teddy bear appropriately for the day's weather), Light Person, Plant Waterer, and Calendar Friend.

This week she is Hamotzi Friend Helper. As she describes it, and I'm paraphrasing, "You go up with Debbie and you can pick any song to sing. 'A-B-C' or 'E-F-G', no... any song you want." Then I guess she leads the class in the hamotzi before lunch. Here's what it must sound like, but note that this was sung at the end of dinner with a gummy vitamin in her mouth.

B'tay avon!
"Hamotzi Friend" was posted Tuesday, October 14, 2008