Drunk on margarita and full of food

Okay, this is only tenuously related to the blog topic at hand - that being the girls - but what's the point of having a platform if you can't post this sort of thing?

I was looking for some music to play tonight as we got Jenna ready for bed and I thought that Poi Dog Pondering's first album would be perfect. Light, fun. I thought the girls might like it. And sure enough, Melanie tells me that this - "Living with the Dreaming Body", the album's opening track - is her favorite. Of course "Falling", the album's second song, was her favorite when we heard that too.

But the tin whistle opening... hearing it I'm just flooded with such joy. And that's what I wanted to share. We all have songs (or sounds, or smells) that take us back to a time or place, or that we associate with good things or bad things. For me, the Eagles will always remind me of the dentist's office. But this song, and particularly the opening, has such a positive, and truly a physiological, effect on me. It doesn't remind me of anything in particular, but is connected with so much of my life from probably junior year in high school on. Maybe it's just an image of being "drunk on margarita and full of food" (song lyrics) on a beautiful, warm Texas day, or something equally pleasing.

I just had to find a clip to put on the blog and amazingly I've found a video for the song. This is from PDP's Austin days and is supposedly directed by Richard Linklater who would later go on to direct films such as "Dazed and Confused" and "Before Sunrise". I hope it brings you a little bit of happiness as well.

PS. Poi Dog has a new album coming out April 1. No joke.
"Drunk on margarita and full of food" was posted Monday, March 03, 2008