The Pretend Flower Girl

As promised
, the story of the "pretend" flower girl.

We spent the weekend (and some time before that) making sure that Melanie was excited for her role as the flower girl at TracyMarc's wedding. Then at the rehearsal we finally got to walk down the aisle and practice throwing our flower petals. However we didn't have a basket or flowers petals so we had to pretend. We walked down the aisle a few times, and again before the pictures, pretending to throw our flowers on the ground.

See where this is going yet?

So Melanie finally gets her basket as we line up for the procession. Laura and I precede Melanie and when we get up to the chupah we turn around to see Melanie coming down the aisle, all smiles but concentrating very hard. So much so that she wasn't bothering to actually throw the flower petals on the aisle. She was just pretending to do so!

As we recessed, Laura and I grabbed her from Grandpa Bob to walk out with us. About two-thirds of the way back up the aisle she dropped half her flower petals and stopped right then and there to pick them up. Then at the top of the aisle she grabbed a peppermint from the table as her reward for a job well done. Evidently we promised it to her, though neither Laura nor I remember doing so. All we could think about was her ruining her beautiful white dress, but she was very careful and enjoyed her spoils.

One other thing... Melanie had her first hair cut! As the flower girl, she had her hair did with the bride...

...bridesmaids and immediate family. She was the perfect client and even got a gold barrette that matched the one in her mother's hair.

As you can see, the results were great. Check out the fabulous hair in the following photo.

Melanie's curls look great too.
"The Pretend Flower Girl" was posted Tuesday, February 19, 2008