A Ring Round the Tree

"And the Tigers were very, very angry, but still they would not let go of each other's tails. And they were so angry, that they ran round the tree, trying to eat each other up, and they ran faster and faster, till they were whirling round so fast that you couldn't see their legs at all.

And they still ran faster and faster and faster, till they all just melted away, and there was nothing left but a great big pool of melted butter (or "ghi," as it is called in India) round the foot of the tree."

I'm sorry if the reference is offensive. I just saw the girls running around the table and thought of the tigers running so fast around the tree that they turned into butter. That and they had pancakes for dinner that night with the melted butter.

"A Ring Round the Tree" was posted Wednesday, January 16, 2008