Elaine: "Would you like something to read?"

Passenger: "Do you have anything light?"

Elaine: "How about this leaflet; Famous Jewish Sports Legends?"

I thought that I had blogged this back when it happened, but I guess I left it to a Twitter update and some photos. Melanie, Grandpa Bob and I went to a Men's Club event at Beth Am (where guys I play soccer with are on the Board and in the Men's Club) to meet and hear from Igor Olshansky. He is defensive end for the Chargers and is a Ukrainian-born Jew. We had a great time, Grandpa Bob especially. Melanie enjoyed the spectacle and the ice cream.

I bring this back up now as Mom just found this in the current issue of Hadassah Magazine, The Jewish Traveler: San Diego:

Igor Olshansky, 25, the only Soviet-born player in the National Football League, is a member of the San Diego Chargers’ defensive line.

A bit more local coverage is here. Brian Davis, pictured in the article, is the "Commissioner" of our Sunday soccer game.
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