Not us

Firefighters from the Orange County A firefighter tries to knock down flames on a home completely engulfed in hopes of saving neighboring homes in the community of Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, Calif., Monday, Oct 22. 2007.

Thank god, we're far enough south of the fires that we're not affected -- other than school closing and relatively poor air quality (but it's Southern California -- we wouldn't know GOOD air if it bit us in the nose!). And we're south of Mission Valley, where Qualcomm Stadium is an evacuation point. So I think we're okay.

But it is scary watching the images on tv and on the web and remembering the damage done just four years ago in the Cedar fire. A lot of our friends have been evacuated this time around. All are safe but inconvenienced as they're all packing up for one, two, or three (!) small children.

The strangest thing is that it's blue skies here. Not the ash falling down for days as it was last time. Just a slight BBQ smell in the air and as mentioned, the air quality is noticely poor -- it's thick.

Updates as warranted, but we're okay.
"Not us" was posted Monday, October 22, 2007