Happy Birthday, Jenna

Happy first birthday, Jenna.

I was going to try to write something that encapsulated the year. A look back; a retrospective; what have you. But then you went and did something amazing just the other day. While you have long been crawling (using both legs after a slow and less balanced start) and pulling yourself to standing, you haven't shown any interest in bipedal ambulation.

Until Monday.

Then just like that, with no warning at all, you held your mother's hands, stood up, and started walking. And not just tentative few steps. But holding on to us, you'll walk up and down the house; out the door; over the neighbors yard to say hello (Hi!) and pet the dog.

This has taken us completely by surprise, just as did everything else new in the last week -- new teeth, "uh oh, spaghetti o's" (which sounds like "uh oh, spagjsasdjsldasaaaaa"), giving hugs and high-fives when asked, and an ever-stronger attachment to your yellow blanket.

We love you so much. What an amazing week to cap and to punctuate an amazing year. Many, many, many more. From all of us.

"Happy Birthday, Jenna" was posted Wednesday, September 12, 2007