Today I took my good friend, Andy Faiola, to the airport. We had a great weekend touring breweries, watching FA Cup Soccer, and going to the US Men's National Team match against Serbia.

Today I was productive at work, but I realized that some of what I am doing - which I hoped would save me time in the near-future - is probably going to cause more problems than it will solve.

Today, on my walk at lunch, I followed a pod of five dolphins. They were casually swimming south, no more than 100-feet off-shore.

Today, neo-Nazis and other authoritarian bomb-throwers continued to try to break down the institutions and values of my country.

Today people stood up to them, as they have for a week, and will for two, four, or God-forbid, eight years, if necessary.

Today, as I left my office to go home, I was greeted by an amazingly beautiful sunset. The sky was gold to violet. The full face of the moon was visible, bounded by a bright crescent, and Venus (I presume) directly above it.

Tomorrow, I know that what I will remember from today will be the good things that happened: the progress that was made, and the beauty that surrounded me.
"Today" was posted Monday, January 30, 2017