Welcome back


Welcome back to Surrounded by Girls!

Regular readers will notice that we've rolled out a new look for the site. We're in a new internet era. One with a proliferation of devices accessing the site, and an incredible variety of those devices' sizes and capabilities. And frankly, over the years the site has developed some cruft that needed to be cleaned up and/or taken away.

The new site:
  • Adjusts to your browser size.
  • Is cleaner and less cluttered to highlight the photos.
  • The latest photos and videos are scrollable (horizontally) across the top of the site. Just drag the slider or swipe with your finger if you are on a touch device.
This is just the beginning. There are a lot of little tweaks needed to improve the look and feel of the site, and hopefully I'll have the opportunity to try out some other, new features soon.

So enjoy, and please let me know if you see something wrong or if there's something you would like to see.


- The Management
"Welcome back" was posted Friday, May 24, 2013