2012 ITU World Series - San Diego

On Saturday, I participated in the 2012 ITU World Series - San Diego.  This was an olympic distance race - 1500m swim, 40K bike (including two climbs up La Jolla Mesa BLVD!), and a 10K run.

I was placed in the 40-45 Mens age group, and those are the fast guys! I finished the race in 3:14:51 which put me in 118/151 in the age group.

Here's some of the gang from Active (Aaron Waldman, myself, Jim Sola, and Marc Villanueva) as we wait around for the swim start:

Here's me right before my swim:


Bryan Crosby, Jim, Marc, Marc's wife Mine (who did the sprint distance), and me after the race:

I took off my medal because it was chaffing my sun-burnt neck, but clearly I didn't think about the photos.

Here are some "borrowed" photos from the official photographer of my finish.

And finally, a recovery dip in the hot tub with my fans:

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