The Tooth Fairy Came to Visit

The Tooth Fairy came to visit our house last night.

At dinner over at Granny Franny and Grandpa Bob's house, Jenna bit down on her dessert (apple pie) and started crying. Her tooth, which was loose, now hurt very badly. I looked, and it was bleeding. So we went to the kitchen, grabbed a paper towel and pulled. She really started crying as it hurt more now. What she didn't realize was that I had her tooth in my hand! When that became clear, the tears dried up and this look crossed her face:


Much better! She got a silver dollar from Grandpa Bob (he had promised) and one whole dollar from the Tooth Fairy.

As I tweeted this morning, "Santa, Schmanta. Kids frickin' love the Tooth Fairy!"
"The Tooth Fairy Came to Visit" was posted Friday, December 16, 2011