Learning to Ride


After taking the training wheels off Melanie's bike a few weeks ago, we finally got to the park to try to ride without them.  And you know what... SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

After just 10-minutes of stop and start, I was able to do the classic "I'm holding on to you. I'm holding on to you." while not actually holding on to her.  Pretty soon she was getting rolling on her own - no mean feat - and even turning.  She wanted to ride on the sidewalk but did have a bit of a hard time keeping the bike pointed straight-ahead enough to do so.

She was amazing though, and SO HAPPY to be riding on her own.  I'm most proud of her attitude.  She was excited, and even when she fell over she got right back up and got on the bike.  It was a really, really special moment.

Here's some video taken by our friend Anna (that's her daughter, Lauren, in the videos).

"Learning to Ride" was posted Monday, August 08, 2011