Sea World Guessing Game


Let's play a game. How many of the girls' statements from today can Jeremy predict?

  • I want a snack.
  • I want lunch.
  • Can we watch a show in the car?
  • If we're good, can we watch a show in the car?
  • Can we have vitamins?
  • I don't want people to see me.
  • Can we have popcorn?
  • I have to go potty. (This is a gimme.)
  • I don't have to go potty. (This one is still better than 50/50.)
  • What friends are we going to see?
  • I want to see the penguins. (In a replay from last night.)
  • I've never seen the penguins before. (An odder replay from last night.)
  • Remember when we did that with Katelyn and Elizabeth?

Anything I'm missing?
"Sea World Guessing Game" was posted Wednesday, August 25, 2010