Cabo Wabo

Greetings from Mexico.

Well, not actually from Mexico. We're just back from a trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate the in-law's, Fran and Bob, 40th wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary!

We spent four amazing days at the Westin Resort where the Preismans have a time share. Most of our time was spent by the pool. They had kiddie pools at 1'4" deep which was perfect for the girls, especially Melanie as she's just learning how to swim. She was skeptical at first but became increasingly comfortable in the water. She wore an inflatable ring and started out doing her swimming motions which pretty much meant crawling on her hands while splashing everyone with her kicks. Soon she was asking to get into the deep pool (~4') and spent more and more time floating and swimming without one of us hanging on her - or her hanging on one of us.

Jenna loved jumping in the water (the deeper parts of the pool that is) and copying everything her sister did. By the end of the trip, Jenna was getting tired and spent a little less time in the pool and more time hanging out with Granny Franny and snacking. And napping.

Indeed, she was so worn out after one morning in the pool that we just threw her in our bed after a shower and she slept there for hours.

Both girls had a great time hanging out with all of our fellow travelers - Granny Franny and Grandpa Bob of course. But also Auntie Ann, and the Preisman's exchange student Olivier and his family, Caroline and Tim.

Each day after the girls wore themselves out poolside we came back to the room, had dinner and then watched a movie (or part of one) and had some popcorn. This is what we look like tired, full, and entraced by a video.

Most likely they're watching Seaseme Street Fiesta, a gift from Auntie Ann and their new favorite.

For some reason, Melanie keeps telling everyone that when she was in Mexico she had a room. We're not sure why she was so struck with this - she was on a pull-out sofa with her sister in a crib at the foot. Maybe it had something to do with the view.

We did take one day trip into the city of Cabo San Lucas. We had a great lunch at Mi Casa where we were serenaded by mariachis. They sang for Fran and Bob's anniversary (see the above photo) and for the girls. Jenna especially enjoyed the song, though both were mostly interested in their raisins.

"Cabo Wabo" was posted Thursday, July 17, 2008