31 Flavors

This morning Laura had a baby shower for Debbie and Gil's new daughter, Maya. (Congratulations!) So it was Daddy time. After dropping Laura off and feeding Jenna, we all went down to the La Jolla Rec Center and Melanie swung in the yellow swing while I ran back and forth pushing her and trying to finish giving Jenna her bottle.

Then we walked (some of us strolled) down to the ocean and we saw the seals. Then back up the hill and to Wahoo's for lunch. And for dessert... well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

PS. I admit it. I gave Jenna some ice cream. I'm sorry. It a) has her very happy this afternoon, but b) quite unwilling to take a nap.

"31 Flavors" was posted Saturday, May 26, 2007