Quite a day

So, as you can see from the photos below, we were very busy today. But that doesn't tell the whole story.

Breakfast. Coffee run and errands with the mom, Emma, and Lucy. An attempt at an early nap devolved into a solo sing-along. So it was off to Costco. Then an attempt for a late morning nap... and that was aborted after 20 minutes or so. So we watched Liverpool v. Charlton and played with our toys until lunch. A little cheese quesadilla and a surprising amount of peanut butter.

Then it was off to the birthday party. It was down at Bird Park, Morley Field. Beautiful day if a bit windy. While everyone was socializing Melanie was tearing around. Back and forth to the swing set, to the balloons, kicking the soccer ball, playing "thank you" (where she picks up whatever is handy and gives it to whomever she is with) with the other kids and the dogs that were there (Oscar, Tex). Half a banana, some hamburger, a few bites of cupcake. Even a few bites of a mushroom. She was a blur of pink all afternoon.

Of course she fell asleep in the stroller on the walk home. We were able to transfer her to her crib for her first nap of the day. But forty minutes later she was awake and oh so unhappy. Milk. A little walk outside. Didn't help the mood. So back to bed. This was around 4pm.

Dinner time is 5pm. That came and went. 5:30, she still wasn't up. At 6, we had to call the ball and decided to wake her up. And thank you, we're having a lovely dinner.

"Quite a day" was posted Saturday, March 04, 2006